Knowledge is the base for acting in this world. Here you can find information about the ecosystems and the species within.

Click your way through the different categories and learn more about animals, plants and the ecosystem itself. What does the Wolf really need, how do they communicate, why are the fruits of the yew-tree poisonous for us humans but not for the birds? Dive in and experience the knowledge of nature.

environmental education

Environmental education is considered as an educational approach which intends to teach people how to deal with the environment and natural resources in a responsible manner. It relates to ecology, environment and nature as major areas in particular.

Pursuing the same objective as all initiatives and educational facilities, our environmental and nature game Ecogon intends to look at the environment with its components, interdependencies and cycles as well as to evoke an increased environmental awareness. Next to the playful nature, cooperative elements are integrated, in order for our educational game Ecogon to pass on knowledge with fun and joy. Whether you have to deal with animals, plants or the ecosystem you are in – everything is of importance and is dependent on each other.

 Ecogon mission

Ecogon mission

learn more about the beans in Ecogon

The tokens in Ecogon are different types of dried beans. So in the cooperative version of the game you can use any of the beans, but when you want to play competitive, you choose your type of beans.

There are 4 different types of naturally coloured beans in Ecogon. If you need some more, just stick them in the soil and grow a few more! (or go to your local organic shop and buy some more)

Attention! – the beans can cause digestive problems when eaten raw. They must be cooked before consumption.


 all about the beans in ecogon

all about the beans in ecogon