Can you identify the silhouettes?

Have you first noticed Pikachu? was Spongebob or Hello Kitty easy to identify? But the odd animal on the left bottom side is a riddle for you? You can identify the animal on the right bottom side as a mammal, but nothing more?

Then you are like most of the people of our time. Digital creatures, cartoon characters and mascots are already part of our everyday lives. But we leave our domestic nature untouched, so that one no longer comes into contact with it. Especially children are spending more and more time watching digital media and grow up with artificial beings.

Fun is a great driving force for the attention. Therefore it is not surprising that children often prefer to play a computer game, than going outside to observe a bee as it gathers pollen and nectar.

Games activate very quickly the reward system in our brain. Always something happens, you have quick success and when things are not going so well you can just stop or try it again.

Therefore games are excellently qualified to convey knowledge. Therefore it should not look like a dreary educational game.


especially about the topic nature, there are not existing a sufficiently amount of entertaining AND educational games.

The best way to discover the nature, is of course going out into the wild: whether hiking, playing sports or to play and frolic around in the nearby woods .

But for many people this is not so easy, because they live in a big city, and during bad weather they maybe won’t go out the front door.

For such moments the board game Ecogon is exactly right! A cooperative board game for the whole family, where you can discover and understand the local nature .

Ecogon is for those who want to learn through playing or those who just want to deny a nice game together with friends and family. No matter what, you will enjoy Ecogon a lot.


Pikachu from the game “Pokemon”

Pikachu EcogonPikachu Ecogon

Dragonfly (Zygoptera)

Kleinlibelle EcogonKleinlibelle Ecogon

Spongebob from the cartoon series

Spongebob Silhouette EcogonSpongebob Ecogon

Owl (Bubo bubo)

Eule Silhouette EcogonEule Ecogon

Marten (Martes)

Marder Silhouette EcogonMarder Ecogon

Stag beetle (Lucanus cervus)

Hirschkaefer Silhouette EcogonHirschkaefer Ecogon

Wild bee (Apoidea)

Wildbiene Silhouette EcogonWildbiene Ecogon

Sonic from the same-named game

Sonic Silhouette EcogonSonic-02

Hello Kitty – company mascot

Hello Kitty Silhouette EcogonHello Kitty Ecogon

Lizard (Lacerta)

Eidechse Silhouette EcogonEidechse Ecogon